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Seven Mountains (Reformation of Business, Religion, Family, Media, Arts & Entertainment, Government, Education - Reclaiming our culture for Christ!)


We want to now review the 7 Mountains prophetic word, and to give God glory for how He has used Dr. Michelle Morrison and our non-profit YesUCan! to impact all of these Mountains for Christ.


In order to impact the world for Jesus Christ, we must reclaim the Seven Mountains of influence in culture, which are Business, Education, Arts and Entertainment, Media, Government, Family, and Religion.


The Church must realize that when we lose our influence, we lose our culture. Religion: Apostle Michelle Morrison impacts the religion mountain through its 2011 onward AWAKEN prayer and fasting movement as well as local and international missions to the poor.  For over 14 years we have distributed toys, clothing, food and household goods to thousands of low income families!


Education/Religion: Through its Bible Institute and training of youth in prayer, we are reclaiming the education Mountain. In 2013 Dr. Morrison taught 80 children at Freeport Bible Center, from Kindergarten through 5th grade, on American Christian History and how to pray for their nation!  We impact the Religion Mountain where we trained over 55 pastors, apostles and bishops in 2015 locally and internationally.  Apostle Michelle Morrison also spearheads the AWAKEN prayer movement (See page on website)


Government:  Apostle Michelle Morrison's prayer about and appeal to NY’s Mayor in 2015 to allow churches to remain in the public schools impacts this mountain. 


Business: Since 2009 our non-profit YesYCan! has held seminars to train low income individuals in obtaining jobs, starting small businesses and going back to college.


Family: Through her counseling program, Dr. Michelle Morrison has been instrumental in restoring troubled marriages -  God has supernaturally restored numerous seemingly unfixable marriages.  In addition, for over a decade our non-profit has provided food, clothing and toys to hundreds of low income families in NYC and since 2014, internationally.

Arts and Entertainment: We partner with Youth in the Arts and Entertainment Industry (See AWAKEN 7 Mountains VIDEOS page)


Dr. Michelle Morrison is a past board member of the legendary NEC (Negro Ensemble Company), one of the oldest African American theatre group, responsible for releasing artists such as Denzel Washington, Sherman Hemsley, and Phylicia Rashad, to name a few. 

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