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YesUCan! CDC held several outreach events for Sandy victims in the Downtown Manhattan area from Sunday November 11, 2012 onward - with great success!

We had so many in need show up – it was overwhelming…the lines kept extending and extending. We are thankful for the many who donated/volunteered and made these events possible. Hot 97 showed up with clothes and shoes! We cannot thank you enough and the community thanks you!! (See partners below)

Dr. Michelle Morrison (see president bio on this site), who God gave the vision to put these events together, stated, "It was overwhelming.  For such a small ministry to be able to help so many people.  The lines were so long with residents from the many different high rises in lower Manhattan.  People were in such dire need, especially for groceries and basic toiletries.  We had such a diverse mix of people -- Chinese, Black, White and Latino.  Many were saved, healed and delivered in the service after the distribution..."


Hot 97 fm (Donated Clothing and Shoes)

City Gate Intl. Church/ Pastor Alvin Torres, Sr. Pastor

Bowery Kids with a Promise and Hillsong Church/Joshua Cruz and Team

Mercedes Narcisse 2013 - Brooklyn District 46. "Children and Family First"

Marie Delus:  T Flip R, LLC

***Thanks to our partners/supporters/family/friends and all who volunteered and donated items!!  We could not have done it without you.


***Special thanks to Mavis Jacobs, Karlene Easington, Cynthia Pena/Jose and City Gate team, Hillsong and Kids w/Promise team, Michael Corbin, Pastor Denise Edens, Jacqueline Portillo, Ms. Robinson, Aisha Torres, Proph. Kathleen James, Pastor Osmond Pinnock, Krystal Parker, Jason & Marie Delus team -- for donating goods, volunteer time and other services...

Please see picture slideshows on our "Local Missions" and "Local Revival" pages!

Hurricane Sandy Toy Drive



WHO:   YesUCan!, NYPD and Hot 97 FM

WHAT: Christmas Toy Drive for victims of Hurricane Sandy who reside in Lower Manhattan Housing Projects

WHEN: Sunday, December 23, 2012, 4-7 pm

WHERE: New York, NY





NEW YORK — On December 23, 2012, YesUCan! Community and Economic Development Corp. partnered with the NYPD and Hot 97 FM to host a toy drive for the children of Hurricane Sandy victims.  


These organizations teamed together to provide toys for over 300 underprivileged children from ages 0-19, who live in government housing, including shelters, which were affected by the recent hurricane.  Over 500 people showed up for the event, with a diverse mix of Chinese, Spanish, and Black residents.  The lines were long as families arrived to attend the program.  


Dr. Michelle Morrison of YesUCan! has held toy drives for low-income families for several years. Last year the NYPD stepped in to help when she did not receive her usual Toys for Tots donation. This year the police force, through Sergeant Michelle Martindale, Community Affairs Citywide, once again came through to make some underprivileged children very happy.  PO Chiam dressed as McGruff to entertain the children, and PO Amen was onsite to offer support. A NYPD lieutenant and sergeant also came out to greet the children. We cannot thank the NYPD enough for its efforts to positively impact the lives of young children.


Hot 97 FM, through Manager Chiarra Morrison and employee Jessica Toribio, organized a donation of 100 toys and sent many volunteers, including a DJ, to help with the event.


This event could not have happened without the generous contribution of Hot 97 FM and the NYPD! KDI and the community are so very thankful for their support.


Dr. Michelle stated, “There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing the expressions of joy on the faces of children who may not otherwise be able to get anything for Christmas." Members of KDI performed a small skit called "Baby Jesus and the 3 Wise Men," and sang Christmas carols for the children.  The Hot 97 DJ took pictures with the children as they won prizes for answering questions on the birth of Christ as related previously by Dr. M.


Unfortunately, many who did not register showed up for toys and, although we decided to let a few in, many had to be turned away. It broke her heart to see the great need and hopefully next year we will have many extra toys for the unregistered.



Some of our slides below shows Pastor M (on Christmas eve and Christmas day) visiting the homes of residents who were not able to make the program or who had disabled children. One mother has six boys whom she could not afford to get gifts for and was overwhelmed with joy when Dr. M arrived.  All of the children visited were ecstatic to get gifts and Dr. M was sure to tell them how special they were to Jesus. A few  pictures in the slideshows show a disabled 16 year old girl who put on a “BIG” smile (she doesn’t normally smile) when she saw the gift bag Dr M brought her.


Dr. M also delivered a few gifts for some of the mothers themselves to help brighten their Christmas.



Many got saved after the short Christmas program. So far our tally from all of the programs is 283 saved.


I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES…(See "Local Revival" page of this website)

One resident of the community testified that she had been diagnosed with nose cancer and that, after Dr. M prayed for her, 2 separate hospitals confirmed the cancer is gone. Praise goes to Jesus alone. Dr. M explained that the girl had first gone to the emergency room after the prayer to do x-rays and they could not find anything. The young lady was still not convinced and made another doctor’s appointment. To her amazement, no cancer was found.

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